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What's the Screamin' #22 Reloaded about

Easy to explain; sun, beach and 50’s Rock and Roll… This event has been growing year by year with attendance by people from over 20 countries. This is not just a weekender, this is not just a festival, this is not even just a holidays, this is a real R&R vacation; imagine: you can enjoy beach, sun, pool or all that a touristic resort as Calella offers to its visitors and at the evenings and nights record hops, live 50’s R&R music, beach parties, hawaiian parties.

What are the dates for Screamin' #22 Reloaded?

The dates for Screamin’ 2021 are Wednesday 9th – Sunday, June 13th, 2021 both included – But there will be welcome parties on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th  days and nights total!

Is the Screamin' #22 Reloaded a residential event?

The Screamin’ 2021 is not a residential event; entertainment passes are available but for the ones of you who like it easy we have booked blocks of rooms in the best hotels in town, in many cases full hotels, and have arranged the prices to offer you different great package deals. Calella, as the tourist destination that it is, gets visitors during the whole year but mostly from spring and forward, so be quick and book now you’ve been warned!

Why booking accommodation with us and not direct to the hotels?

You can book either way, we will be happy anyway as long as you’re coming! But here you have some of the reasons to do it through our booking department.
– Your booking and questions about it are always managed by the same person; Victoria, she knows everything about the Screamin’ #22 Reloaded and about the reason you’re coming to Calella; you’re not just another tourist and she knows it.
– You secure your accommodation and entertainment passes with just a couple clicks.
– You have until the 29th of May 2021 to pay your booking (except special offers)

Do I have to book for the entire week?

This event is a full week long (7 nights) but you can book as many days as you wish even arriving earlier and/or departing later.

What does the price of accommodation plus tickets include?

Accommodation on either Full Board (three meals), Half Board (two meals) or Bed and Breakfast, depending on the hotel. Admission to all entertainment and music events during the entire week of the Screamin’ 2021.

How much do the ticktes cost if I book accommodation with you?

WEDNESDAY – Included in the Weekender Pass
THURSDAY – 40.00 Euro
FRIDAY – 40.00 Euro
SATURDAY – 40.00 Euro

How does the accommodation plus tickets booking system work?

You submit your booking form or send your booking details by email or fax or phone us. We check for availability in the hotels of the category of your choice. We confirm availability and give you a confirmation number, address of your hotel, etc. You are pre-booked and before the 24th of May you pay your booking including the festival tickets. When arriving to Calella just go straight to your hotel and when checking it you’re giving a program which includes a city map with the location of all the interesting places plus the festival tickets.

Can I buy a 1-day tickets or the Weekender Pass at the door if I don't book accommodation with you?

You can get the Weekender Pass (All days) and 1 – day tickets from Wednesday every festival night at the door.

How much do the ticktes cost if I don't book accommodation with you?

WEDNESDAY – Included in the Weekender Pass
THURSDAY – 40.00 Euro
FRIDAY – 40.00 Euro
SATURDAY – 40.00 Euro

How do I get the 1-day tickets or Weekender Pass if I don't book accommodation with you?

You can get the Weekender Pass here on this web site by clicking on SHOP on the top menu or you can wait till the festival starts and get them in site, but one day tickets are not pre-sold, they will be available each night at the door from Wednesday night, never before, please don’t ask  if you arrive earlier, we just will not sell them till Wednesday night.  Same applies to the Weekender Pass if you want to wait and get in once in Calella.

Where does the entertainment take place?

During the week at Santi’s Beach Bar and  on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, the BIG SHOWS are held at the huge La Fabrica Llobet, both reachable by easy walks, short taxi rides or with the local public transport.

How do I become a vendor at Screamin'?

Contact us now!

Do I need a festival ticket to see the vendors?

Yes, you need your festival ticket to access the vendors.

How can I find out who is playing when?

Please check the PROGRAM section to see playing times of bands, etc. There will be printed programs available at La Fabrica and at Santi’s and at Tourist Office in Calella.

Can I bring a camera or videocamera to the shows?

We have no camera or video camera restrictions at Screamin’ 2021. You can bring any cameras you like to the event and take them into the music venues, etc. Occasionally, an act may ask not to be photographed or filmed. We ask that you respect their request.

Can children attend Screamin’ #22 Reloaded?

We welcome children at the Screamin’ Festival’s main hall untill midight and at Santi’s Beach Bar at any time, in both places under the responsability of their parents.

Here are the Screamin’ 2021 rules regarding children:

– Children under 16 are free and do not need tickets.
– No under 18’s will be allowed if they’re not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
   In Spain, the law states you must be 18 to drink alcohol.
– Parents or legal guardians will be asked to fill and sign a form assuming the responsibility of the under 18’s to before accessing to the hall.

How does my band get considered for Screamin'?

Please send a promo pack to:
Screamin’ Festival
BOX 220
08397 Pineda de Mar


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