Screamin’ Festival 2019 – The best DJ’s

We have the hottest DJ’s just for you!


Jive, Bop and Stroll come and enjoy DJ Little Boy Blue – Don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes! Packing the Screamin’ floors since 2015 with some of the wildest tunes of Rockabilly, 50’s early 60’s Rock’n’Roll and Rhythm & Blues.

DJ & Promoter with Boppin the Blues London. The club is now 3 years old and is well respected for it’s record hops in Camden & band nights at Hersham. Started DJ’ing at 16 in a local Rock n Roll club. In resent years have played in the major London clubs like Boston Arms, Dingwalls & Hula Boogie. Now very proud to be part of the team at Screamin’. Always keen to get a dance floor movin’.

Pooly had his debut in 1992 at pub Jeremy (BCN). Next year appears at 2nd BALAGUER R&R FESTIVAL (first ever weekender in Spain). Then he moved to London for work, there he learnt from the best DJs of the moment in clubs as RUSSELL ARMS, BOSTON ARMS, TENNESSEE CLUB….Comin’ back to BCN in 95 he runs the first club in town which had night sessions with two fellas, Frantic Al and Jordi, called BARBARELLA. First international debut comes in UK at the Rhythm Riot in 2001, then 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2011. Also, during the years, France, Italy as well as many different places in Spain and again the UK in 2010 at Boston Arms and Rockinitiz clubs… He’s been working at Screamin since 2009 till today!

Crazy about Rock’n’Roll records & lifestyle since his early teens, at the age of 17 had the chance by first time to be behind the decks . Since then, he didn’t stop DJ’ing around in the bestknown festivals in England like Hemsby , Wildest Cats In Town, The Ted Do or Ace Cafe to name just a few. In Germany: Legendary Wildcat Night, Walldorf Weekender, Brandenburger Meeting, etc.. at Real Gone Rock’n’Roll Festival (Finland), and of course, Spain: High Rockabilly, Rockin’ Race, R’n’R Holidays and rockin’ clubs around with special mention to Boiler R&B Club (Barcelona) or the Funtastic Dracula Carnival (Benidorm). Running gigs and R’n’R fanzines in the 90’s and 00’s, right now he’s at the wheel of Rock The Joint R’n’R Club where hot rockin’ bands and killer dj’s take the place by storm.
His style? A frantic mixture of 50’s-60’s Rock’n’Roll, Red Hot Rock’a’Billy, Doo Wop, Savage R&B, British Rockers, Wild Intros and Rockin’ acts from yesterday to nowadays…WATCH OUT FOR HIS CRAZY SETS AT SCREAMIN’ FESTIVAL & KEEP YOUR FEET MOVIN’ CATS!


Pepe is the DJ who has remained active for more consecutive years in the short history of the Spanish scene. Pepe Seven Wheels is in his 35 years behind the decks, he is a great friend and a better person!!!


Although fond of cooking, he prefers it raw when talking about music. Rhythm & Blues Preacher, he decided to move onto stage with his bag of 45s when giving up his radio days. Grown in Ricoamor and all the other dens in his hometown, now you will find him spinning the wax at clubs (The Boiler!, Rave On, Forum Club…) and weekenders all over Spain (Screamin’, Ubangi Stomp, Big Rumble, Barcelona Hayride, Mojo Workin’…) and also international (Bang!Bang!Berlin, Hemsby…). He even ran his own club (Ego Negro) for a while. His record bag, filled with the wildest sounds of Rhythm & Blues, guarantees the Dance Floor Fiesta at Screamin’ 2018!!!!

Another of the DJs who have been with us since the first editions of the Screamin’ festival. We still remember when he gave us a demo tape for we to consider booking him and ever since he has played the Rave, Hemsby R’n’R Weekender, Portugaloha, High-rockabilly, Surf-O-Rama, and others. He’s a resident at Screamin’, Rockin’ Race Jamboree, Ubangi Stomp, Let’s Get Wild and he has been invited to take control over the turntables at clubs like Dingwalls, Boston Arms, Rocket Room, Rave on and Gruta 77.

Born in 1964 in Badalona (Barcelona) Dj EddieCesc has an experience of over 25 years behind the turntables, founder of several clubs of R & R in Catalonia. He was one of the DJ’s of the first big festivals in the country back in the ealry 90s in Balaguer and Badalona (Welcome Records) and he’s one of the few still active today. He works mostly in France at festivals like Good Rockin’Tonight (Attignat), Kustom Fish Festival (Allassac) Mimile True Lovers (Roissy in Bris), Let’s R & R Revue (Paris) etc.
Lover of all styles of Rockin’ 50s, is primarily a fan of the purest R & R, but also enjoys the Rhythm and Blues of the 40s and 50s, Hillbilly Bop, Skiffle, Wild R & R, Rockabilly, Western Swing, Blues Boppers etc … Not to mention the British R & R in the 50s and the revival of the mid-70s early 60s. Among his favorite 50s are Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley, in the revival are Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers, Rockers Riot, Flying Saucers, Freddie Finger Lee and Wild Angels.
Eddie Cesc is the only DJ who has been spinning the wax at Screamin’ since its very first eddition, 16 years in a row… Wanna know why? Check him out next June in Calella!!


This guy has a long career as rock’n’roll dj and entertainer. He’s been around the scene for many years, having lived in Spain, then in the UK and nowadays in Holland, has alot of experience and exposure and with an increase of booking engagements coming up in Holland ,England,Germany and Spain in the near future, interested ‘parties for “parties”‘ would be wise to latch onto this cat ASAP, either to build up the background atmosphere for their event or to effect a “storm” more strongly with an “in yer face” record hop in between any bands to keep the cats on the dancefloor. Willie Storm as a suitable addition to an event in any kind of rockin’ genre, as this cat let’s rip with it all, rock’n’roll, rockabilly, doo wop and jiving rhythm’n’blues. He is one of the most professional DJs / comperes on the circuit today.. If you want a really great rockin, night, all dayer or full weekend, he’s your man. Not only a first class DJ and compere but an ace organiser. He has been djing at many big festivals along Europe incluiding Rhythm Riot(UK),The Ted Do (UK),Summer Jamboree (GER),Teddy Boy Weekender (HOLLAND) just to name a few. Don’t miss him as he is worth to listen to.Guaranteed he will make you dance at Screamin’ 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has filled dance floors in all major Rockabilly events around the planet; including Viva Las Vegas and the Rave.

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