Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Doo Wop, Western Swing… you name it!

22 years in a row keeping the spirit with which the festival was created; that everyone feels welcome and represented in the wide and rich range of musical styles that were born with, and contributed to, the youth revolution of the 50s in the USA and later in the rest of the planet.


The Music of Screamin’



The Delta Bombers have smashed stages all over the world for 10 years. Driven by a hybrid of 50’s rock and roll fused with swampy blues, country, and rockabilly. The hard touring band’s haunting but powerful voice Chris Moinichen keeps the sounds fresh and always from a new angle. Andrew Himmler on Guitar, Gregorio Garcia on Bass and Micah Malcolm on Drums sway the dynamic up and down all night long with one mission: make it interesting. The goal of the band has always been to build something people who wear gabardine, denim, or mohawks could enjoy together. Based on their tour and festival history they are doing just that.


Since his international debut at Screamin' festival in 2010 Pat Capocci has emerged as one of Australia’s most respected practitioners of Rockabilly and Roots music. Ten years later Pat brings to Calella his energetic fusion of guitar greats such as Charlie Christian, Johnny Guitar Watson, Merle Travis, Django Reinhardt and Grady Martin.


Oh!Sharels have been one of the biggest suprises on the recent years. Coming from Japan, until a few years ago the were mostly known by hardcore doo wop fans in Europe, but a wonderful performance at the Screamin' Festival a couple of years ago got them tons of new fans and a lot of people asking for them. The band is currently working on a new record to be released on El Toro Records and this will be their 3rd appearance at Screamin' due to popular demand!


Since 1993 Mischief! is one of the most refreshing bands on the scene. It's hard to believe that three musicians can produce such a full sound and perform such a varied set. They play “new” and exciting music with a big dash of 50s energy. A large proportion of the songs are written by the band, producing modern classics that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.


Deke Dickerson has devoted his long career to keeping America’s roots music alive while interjecting new creativity into genres of music that flourished in decades previous. More known by his “Billy” side of our music, this time, at Screamin', you'll have an unique opportunity to see him doing a full Rhythm & Blues and Doo Wop show in which he will show, not only is vocal habilities but he will also take sax... Deke like never before!


Screamin’ Rebel Angels’ unrelenting and infectious original Rock ‘n Roll has kept the dance floors pulsing, and roofs rattling across stages, airwaves and turntables around the globe since 2011. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this band’s wild live performances are high-octane adventures that invoke the primitive energy of original era Rock 'n Roll, infused with the soul of early Rhythm & Blues, and invigorated with the raw power of punk.


In April 2017 six german SUN-Records fanatics went on a field trip through the USA with the goal in mind to record six songs at 706 Union Ave, in the same way it was done back then. Their excitement was huge, but the disappointment was even bigger when they had to find out that the engineer insisted on recording through his computer so they left before they had really started. A few months later they stepped into the rooms of Lightning Recorders in Berlin, the place for high quality analog recordings in Europe. The result was the Sun and Lightning session and after listening to it we decided to bring it to Screamin'. The, not to miss, program will include rare and classic Sun-Recordings as well as period perfect Lightning-Recordings wrapped in an action packed stage show that leaves the audience thrilled and Screamin' for more...


Little Rachel began performing vintage-style original music as half of the Austin, TX- based rockabilly duo, the Casey Sisters. After recording 2 albums for Tail Records in Sweden, and touring extensively in Europe, she moved back to her hometown of Kansas City, MO, to work on her solo rockin' rhythm and jumpin' blues project which with she released 3 aclaimed albums. After some years performing primarily with the acoustic blues quartet, the Loot Rock Gang, this year, her focus has returned on her solo career, and performing more of her own original music. Though only 5 feet tall, Little Rachel has a great, big voice! You do not want to miss this dynamic vocal powerhouse!


Long before terms like Psychobilly and Neo Rockabilly became common, the deltas had already started spreading their own brand of high energy, Rock n Roll. the original line up recorded their classic single Heart Attack on Nervous Records 1981, quickly followed by the now classic album Boogie Disease. They quickly built up quite a reputation as one of the wildest live acts on the club scene touring the UK and all over Europe . Their unique blend of high power, Rockabilly Blues and pure Rock n Roll energy still attracts both Psychobilly and Rockabilly followings all over the world.


Ruthless, gritty and hellbent Rock 'n' Roll from the streets of Liverpool! With a relentless touring schedule, Furious have been cemented as one of the hardest working & wildest live acts around. Their appeal crosses so many borders and with their self penned songs about teenage life today, they are turning the world's kids onto a wild Rock 'n' Roll beat.


The Danny Mcvey Trio is a rockabilly 3 piece band from London that formed in late 2015 after Danny had been spending some time with various musicians recording some demo tracks, he got the band together a few months before their first gig at the Brighton Rumble at Easter 2016.


Million Dollar Tones, Finland based orchestra serves a unique 50’s rhythm & blues and rock & roll punch flavored with piano and horns. Their mix of new songs and arrangements of classics by Little Richard and Lloyd Price to name a few, make everybody dance like firecrackers. Let`s have a ball!!!