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Screamin' Festival - Calella Spain

Screamin' Festival 2014 - The best bands on the secene

Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Doo Wop, Western Swing... you name it!

If there is something that makes the Screamin’ festival diferent from others is the great variety of styles gathered, always in the Rock and Rhythms of the 50s.

The Screamin' never was and will never be an one-style-festival, that means that every year is harder to build up an equilibrated line up trying to please as many of you as possible instead of having you yawning after two days of “party”.

Harder, yes, but more exciting as, once again, we really have had to use our imagination to offer you an attractive line-up; by discovering new talent, reviving old bands, and booking unlikely combinations or artists who are impossible to see anywhere but the Screamin'...

See you at the beach!
Carlos Diaz


Freddy Boom Boom Cannon is one of the last Rockandrollers... the singer of some of the most memorable ’50s and ’60s hits. He is most closely identified with his four biggest-selling singles: “Tallahassee Lassie,” “Way Down Yonder In New Orleans,” “Palisades Park,” and “Action!”

Recording his first Top Ten single at the age of 19, Freddy was an overnight sensation on both sides of the Atlantic. 

When his debut album, The Explosive! Freddy Cannon, hit Number One in England he cemented his fame in the British Isles. Freddy was featured on all of the top television shows in America and England, including Shindig!, Hullabaloo, American Bandstand, Midnight Special, Where the Action Is, and The Mike Douglas Show. Freddy was such a hit with Dick Clark, that he became the most frequent guest star on American Bandstand.

He will be backed by Los Straitjackets!!!!!
Don't miss this rare opportunity to catch them together on stage

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Pioneers of Rockabilly music - they began in 1958 to sing, play, and write music as Alton and Jimmy Performing at dances, on TV telethons, radio programs, and in clubs, they became interested in recording and auditioned for Johnny Vincent, Ace Record Company, Jackson. They cut two songs for Ace entitled "Looking For Someone" and "Got It Made In The Shade" in 1958 at the Cosimo Recording Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana. Huey "Piano" Smith, who had a big hit with "Rockin' Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu" on Ace, played piano on this session.

Shortly thereafter, Alton and Jimmy appeared on the Lousiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana. (Auditioned by Shelby Singleton, Mercury records, not signed.) Johnny Horton's manager, Tillman Franks, called Sam Phillips' Sun Record Co., Memphis, who set a recording date of April 5, 1959 where "Have Faith In My Love" and "No More Crying The Blues" were recorded and released later on SUN 323. Musicians were Alton Lott, guitar; Roland Janes, guitar; J.M. Van Eaton, drums and Billy Lee Riley, bass. Exactly two months later, on June 5, 1959 Alton and Jimmy recorded "I Just Don't Know," "What's The Use," "Why Do I Love You," and "The Longest Walk." All songs have subsequently been reissued on vinyl and C.D. "The Longest Walk" cannot be located among the Sun masters.
Another show you can't miss!!!
For this very special show they will be by The Doel Brothers.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Doo Wop & Soul star Tommy Hunt still rockin and rollin being 80 years young!! Classic lead and member of the legendary Flamingos through the group's most succesful years, Hunt came to Europe in the 70s where he has been the most important star on the northern soul field. Thanks to the work of the Screamin' Festival, Tommy agreed to come back to his career early days joining the voices of the Four Candles as his "New Flamingos", and going back to his group singin' hits. On June 2011 magic happened on the stage of the Screamin' when Tommy and his boys sang all the classic group's best songs... from ballads like "I'll be home", "A kiss from your lips" or "I only have eyes for you" to jump tunes like "Crazy crazy crazy", "Ko ko mo" or "Jump Children". After tgat show they have been travelling all over Europe, but the Screamin' was the first and responsible for all that's coming!!

Be ready to rock and roll with them, 'cause they are back  by popular demand!
Tommy Hunt will also sing some of his favorites at All Star Doo Wop Show!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


When it comes to delivering high-energy Rock and Roll instrumental music, no one equals the finesse, power and perseverance of Grammy-nominated Los Straitjackets.

Who else than Big Sandy could have been torchbearer of American roots music for the last 25 five years with fourteen albums, over 3000 live shows and hundreds of thousands of miles???

Besides teaming with the masked surfers, at the Screamin', Big Sandy will be taking part at All Star Doo Wop Show.
Do we really need to say more??

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


One of the most magical moments at Screamin'; the best voices of the festival singing their favourite doo wop tunes backed by the Four Candles. This year the line up is just amazing: BIG SANDY - SISTER COOKIE  DON CAVALLI - ALEX VARGAS - TOMMY HUNT - GIZZELLE - JUNIOR MARVEL - NICO DUPORTAL  & FREDDY VELAS.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Their career is testament to the commitment of the band who brought Teddyboy Rock ’n’ Roll to the Rock ’n’ Roll Scene.

43 years on and still going strong, still touring, still making albums, thousands of gigs, thousands of miles travelling worldwide.

Crazy Cavan and The Rhythm Rockers will take their unique “Crazy Rhythm” style of Rockin’ to Calella.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


One of the hottest Rockabilly bands of the moment with 3 stunning albums on El Toro Records!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


At Screamin’ Rosie Flores and Marti Brom will play a rare to see set together that you sure will not want to miss!

Both Rosie Flores and Marti Brom have had illustrious careers. Born in San Antonio, Rosie Flores cut her teeth in the same Southern California roots-rock scene that sired Los Lobos, the Blasters and Dwight Yoakam. A potent guitarist and songwriter, Flores is equally at home playing with alt-country renegades as she is performing with traditionalists and Rockabillies!

Marti Brom, a native of St. Louis, has been recording since the late '90s, and while her voice is often compared to Patsy Cline, she has the interpretive muscle to tackle girl-group pop, raunchy rhythm 'n' blues and straight-ahead honky tonk with a sexy growl and flair for rock 'n' roll drama.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


She has one of the greatest voices on the scene, performs late 50s Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and early 60s Soul and she's on Wild Records but you already know all that!!

For this very special Screamin she will be backed by Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes (FR)!

Besides her own set, Gizzelle will also sing some of her favorites at the All Star Doo Wop Show!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Don Cavalli is easily one of the best singer/songwriters, alongside Big Sandy and Joey Simeone of the Bellfuries, of all the "authentic" bands that came out in the mid 90's, he was virtually the only one who's unique style coul have actually been a 50's artist and not another band copying records note for note. 

Don Cavalli was far ahead artistically of most of the "50's Rockabilly" bands with unique way of singing mix of Charlie Feathers and Johnny Cash.

At Screamin' he will be backed by The Flatheads from Sweden with whom he's lately been recording pearls like this

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Another Wild Records artist coming to Screamin’.
Alex Vargas is a well known musician in the LA area. Previously sung with the fantastic Lonely Blue Boys (Doo Wop group), and until recently one of two singers of The Vargas Brothers. Alex recently decided to pursue his own music career and style based on a mix of late 50s, early 60s Rock and Roll infused with soul/rhythm and blues and gospel.
He will also be singing a couple of his favorites at All Star Doo Wop Show

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Friends, there are a lotta folks appropriating the ‘Hillbilly’ handle these days, but where The Doel Brothers are concerned, that’s the way they walk! 
Stripped down and jumped up, country-style rockin’ that’s sure to please!!!
It doesn’t matter which side of the planet you hang your hat - you either get this kind of music or you don’t... and the rompin, stompin’, swingin’ singin’ Doel Brothers get it right every time! 
Dave 'Pappy' Stuckey

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Did you really think that these surf rockers behind the wrestling masks would just back Freddy Cannon and Big Sandy at Screamin’ 2014??? Then you're wrong! They will play their own set as well one of the nights!!!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


In the early 80s the 3 brothers secured a major recording contract with media giants EMI, achieving phenomenal success. Scoring hit records around the world, " Love Makes the world go round"," Yes tonight Josephine" "Rockin around the xmas tree" appearing on hundreds of TV shows and featuring in national BBC and ITV Dramas.
The ultra talented Cotton Brothers, have thrilled audiences professionally since 1980 with over an amazing 2000 live shows to their credit, THE JETS never fail to deliver a sensational show.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Rockin’ Rhythm & Swingin’ Blues here is an appelation suited to the Music served by Nico Duportal (Guitar/Vocal).
He takes his inspiration from the Black roots of Rock’n’Roll, as well as the popular Afro-American music of the 50’s, including the early Rhythm & Blues and, Swing .
Nico’s music has just one goal, to get people dancin’ and to shake them up in every sens of the term !
Oscar McLollie, Smiley Lewis, Joe & Jimmy Liggins, Red Prysock & Tiny Grimes, Ike Turner, Little Richard, Larry Williams, Doc Starkes & the Night Riders are some of the heroes of Nico …
The band will be backing other artists during the festival and Nico will also take part at All Star Doo Wop Sow!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Mambo Jambo is a crazy mix between power energy R&B and insane 50's rock to create the one and only Jambophonic sound!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


The Starliters are a Hillibilly Bop, Rockabilly and Western Swing outfit From Milano, Italy.
One of the higlights of the rockabilly scene. They have been performing since 1995.
They have been eatured in all the important european R'n'R meetings and have toured all over Europe
Theyr last album released on El Toro Records is a best seller since 2008 and they'e now working on a new 7" which sould be out at Screamin' 2014.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Graham Fenton began his rock'n'roll career with the Houseshakers; did a lot of gigs and recorded a couple of albums with them. The band went through a personnel shuffle and re-emerged as the Hellraisers. More gigs and another LP, Demolition Rock, followed.
In 1976 the Hellraisers went their separate ways and Graham joined MATCHBOX. The band had been around for a little while and had already released a record, but were barely settin' the woods on fire, let alone setting the world alight! His addition was just what the band needed to build their reputation on the UK rock'n'roll circuit.
One of Graham's main inspirations has to be the legendary Gene Vincent and he incorporates many of Gene's vocal mannerisms in his singing, especially when he's showcasing a Vincent classic.
At Screamin' Graham will join The Jets for a tribute to Gene Vincent - a team you will not see anywhere else!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


London's Sister Cookie is a hollerin' & testifyin' kinda lady. Raised on all music's good stuff, Lady Luck's rising star pours every ounce of herself into each performance. 
Having rocked joints aplenty (either solo with her piano or backed up by various local musicians, she arrives in Calella ready to murder Screamin' 2014 with her very own brand of soulful popcorn, hot gospel & wild R&B.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Do not be fooled by the name of the band; these guys from Barcelona label themselves as Grady Martin fundamentalists!!!
Their first 7" is out now on El Toro Records and this is what you can read on the back cover notes!
Howdy! This fine slab of rockin’ wax is ready to hit the Rockabilly jackpot with salacious tales about Hot Rod Fords, heart-breakin’ women, and dope-fueled nights.
The solid backing of the HILLBILLY TRIO sounds like those on the cuts by Don Woody, Roy Hall and other DECCA 1950’s Rockers, while LEGACASTER’s razor-sharp work reminds us, of course, of guitar Ace GRADY MARTIN!
‘Call the Deejay...and Rock the Joint’ is a stompin’ highlight dedicated to he who’s droppin’ down these words (cheers & beers buddies!). It’s a Don Woody sound-a-like number that’ll get you boppin’ on the hardwood floor.
Last but not least, ‘Cocaine Boogie’ is a flavorful barn-dance winner in the finest Delmore Brothers tradition, with a stormin’ drum beat ready to knock you out!
These 4 cool cats are shakin’ all the barns & juke joints around just like we were back in 1956...So ROCKABILLY Rolls on & on! Nuff said?
Legacaster & The Hillbilly Trio show at Screamin' promises to be one of the wildest ever from a new band! Don't miss them!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


All the way from Italy, the newest sensation in vocal harmony!
You wanted more Doo Wop! We have more Doo Wop for you!!
Screamin' is  the place where you always discover new great bands! And this is one of them!
They not only can sing like the angels in the style of the italo-american doo wop bands of the early 60s they can also play their own instruments which is something rare to see in these cases!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


The Lo-Lites are a 3 piece Rock n' Roll trio from Helsinki, Finland (past history including bands like Ellis & the Angry Teens, the Rockin' 8-Balls, The Rockabilly Boys, the Trombees, etc.). 
The basis of the trio lies in wild rockin' styles of Little Richard, Larry Williams, Bunker Hill, Big Al Downing, etc... 

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


She's the undisputed queen of contemporary Rockabilly and Honky Tonk music, both sides of the pond!!
She rocks like Wanda Jackson, has the country flair of Patsy Cline and shares with June Carter the same fun and abandon. 
Rockin' Bonnie is one of a kind and the Screamin' will be witness of it!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Barcelona trio Los Locos del Oeste sound like they have been working in tiny rural honky-tonks and bars on the back roads of the United States for the last 40 years. With their unfussy and unpretentious blend of country melodies and exuberant improvisation, they deliver authentic Western Swing to Western Europe. With the impressive technical musicianship of Mario Cobo (steel and electric guitar), El Lega (electric guitar) and Xavi R. Cortés (upright bass), classics by Bob Wills and Spade Cooley are interpreted with a faithfulness and passion that you can't help but tap your feet. This jazzy trio are also strongly influenced by Jimmie Rivers and George Barnes but step out of the shadow of these giants of Rock and Roll and are making their own tracks. With a repertoire of perky rhythms and refreshingly sweet-natured melodies this trio is here to make you dance.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Double Six was formed by the end of 2001 and they haven’t stopped Rockin’ the scene since the first day they jumped on stage. They have been working for 12 years and during this long period of time they have gained a solid reputation.
Their shows not only adhere to a purist code as far as rock is concerned, but they have a spectacular and daring staging, much along the lines from one of his greatest influences, Screaming Lord Sutch. The costumes, the sense of humor and the performances are one of its hallmarks. Double Six isn’t only a bunch of guys playing “All Times Rock’n’Roll”. No fellas….they do kick asses playing and be sure they will take you aback with their odd shows!

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


After quite some years in the rockabilly scene Junior Marvel thought it was time to start a band with his own style and sound, being absolute fifties. To achieve this, he approached some fine musicians in Germany. In very short time they skyrocketed in the scene, starting with a tour through Spain! Greaseball, Hemsby, D-Day, the Green Bay festival and the Rockabilly Rave soon followed. Just to name a few.
Their playlist exists of the great classics from the early Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Gene Vincent and lesser known heroes of the fifties done in a way that comes close to the original recording, accepted even by the most critical fans. 
The biggest part is rockabilly but they vary with some blues, hillbilly, country and even jazzy stuff. But the mainpart exists of self-penned compositions, the fact that people ask about "who did the original" tells enough of their quality! It wouldn't make much sense to sum up all gigs done over the last 10 years.
He will also be singing a couple of his favourites at All Star Doo Wop Show.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Barcelona's finest female rockabilly duo since 2009. Young blood, young perspective. A swingin' hillbilly voice and a R&R pumpin' piano backed by members of Quasars, Sparkles, Brioles (et al.).
They play lotsa own songs where we can find the rockinest Wanda Jackson, Janis Martin, Sparkle Moore, Barbara Pittman and so on.
Bang Bang's very first recording has been released thru El Toro Records (“Hit & Launch”)

Screamin Festival Bands 2014


Mike and Fredo started playing together in the Four Dices around 2006. In 2007 they started the HI-TOMBS together with Tim Mercury. Soon a studio was hired in Nederweert (Are U Recordings) and 14 songs were recorded, 5 of them were put on a demo. The First gig was in April 2007 in The Rambler cafe in Eindhoven, and many followed, hoppening for Big Sandy and The Fly Rite Boys in Essen, Germany, and for Dale Watson in Helmond.
Lately they have been touring quiet a lot in France and Belgium (Rockin' Around Turnhout).
They are at the moment working on new songs of primitive Rockabily wich will be soon released on Tombstone Records.

Screamin Festival Bands 2014